Charter School Week of Action: Schools Our Communities Deserve

We aren’t just against charters. We are in favor of creating and supporting the schools our students, our educators and our communities deserve. Let the public know the great things going on in your schools, and also how you would use resources that are currently being lost to charter schools.


One Reply to “Charter School Week of Action: Schools Our Communities Deserve”

  1. I am against most charter schools. They are antiteacher ( they pay less); they are antiunion. I have seen and heard of ONE charter school that seems to be doing a good job: The IHilltown Charter School , now located in Easthampaton that emhasizes creativity.
    However, even THIS charter school enrols mostly middle to upper middle class white students whose parent(s) kknow how to work the system.
    Like most charter schools it does not seem to encourage or welcome students on IEPS with learning differences, or ESL students.

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